About the Writings

Political Exposés

A series of exposés covering a broad range of politico-socio-economic topics. A smattering of ideas for the taking far from the mainstream. Thinking way outside the box, meant to promote the idea that extreme problems require radical solutions, which, however, stem neither from the anarchist nor the Marxist traditions.

Ecosophical Writings

In the tradition of deep ecology, this is a contribution to providing a basis for other ideas presented here. While not always strictly "rational" or "logical" in the conventional sense, these essays are meant to be reasonable and compelling in their own way. This includes a critique of modern science and orthodox religion.

The Poems

A collection of selected poems written between the late '60s and the present.

I find poetry a good way to communicate some of the ideas I have that are not easy to deliver in the confining linearity of prose. The poems represent a huge collage of random insights, personal reactions, philosophical tapestries, images from life and whatever else might have seemed relevant and interesting at the time.

Recently my poems have begun to focus more specifically on philosophical issues related to our relationship to the rest of nature and what that means with respect to our existence.

Many of the images and experiences expressed in the poems stem from my years in Germany.