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Cold Facts

on a crisp bright morning
i walk out to the middle of the meadow
the air is fresh and cool
it warms me
as it flows into my breast

blinking to clear my vision
there is a mysterious puddle
the sun
dancing playfully on the ground
i reach through the glitter of the surface
to pull out the truth
it is shiny, brittle and clear
a thing of beauty
a thing of grace

as i pull it closer to me
it breaks
it shatters in my hands
i reach back into the puddle
but it has melted
blended into the murky water
the cold hard fact of the morning

scientists move ever closer
to a more and more refined approximation
shifting fact and concept into consistency
bending formula and theory
to meet their fancy
but like the ice their quest is broken
as they try again and again
to jump over their own shadow

back in the labs
they make their own glitter
and publish it as sparkle and glory
what we can ourselves create
we will take as understanding
but it is not a thing of beauty