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Englischer Garten

here is the parade
of faces on a lovely day
as a multitude of feelings
fill the park
in the hollow autumn morning
with the winds of change
the season’s turning
and each man’s heart turns toward winter
while children play
not knowing
the year’s instability
like the sweet soft smile
on an old woman’s face
and somewhere inside each person
to their own way is human
though they appear to be sad
when this
such a day
with red and gold subtleties
against the evergreen background
speaks of the joys of life
not so obvious
though yet there is sunshine

it is the picture
of course
of the pause
when all steal a moment
from their servitude
and as we so often as possible
deny all drudgery and need
we are defiant
just as much as there is no time
to the young girl
accompanied by her lover
knowing no presence of age
reminding us
much more than the bells
of what is eternal