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High Trail

the sway and whistle
of the singing wind
in the trees
we heard the silence
of a vast
empty rumbling
the whole earth seemed to tremble
with its immense stillness
not one word
was worth bringing to the lips
marching across the high meadow
suspended out of this world
lifted into fantasia
along a remote mountain pathway
where the power
of the season’s changing
crushed thru our thoughts
driving out everything within
only the simple
overwhelming awe
to remain

the tremendous forces
rushing thru our world awareness
brought us into silent communication
we did not say a word
our spirits were all moving
in one and the same direction
carried into a majestically
unpredictably reverberating consciousness
our own private taste of heaven
as if to be dissolved momentarily
into the entangled substance/non-substance
of the real
the universal element
the everpresent we
which unites us
beyond our misunderstood
our hardly existing
common existence