Homeland America

can we
who have come here
to plunder and ruin
say we know this land?
have we, the invaders
ever made this our home?
we know “America” – yes
but do we know the land
our forefathers found here?
do we know it any more now
than we did then?
and do we love it any more?
if not:
how can we call it “ours”?

profits have the same meaning
and anywhere
they do not have a home
exploitation and greed
do not create a land

and we have not created a culture here
we have created, instead, a mob:
a madhouse without walls

will we ever come to love this land
and learn
thru it
to heal ourselves?
will it ever
become a home-land?
with re-indigenous
re-integrated communities
full of households
that are fully accounted for?

an eco-nomy in the truest sense
in harmony with itself
and the land it calls its own

a human real estate
that could properly be called a culture

one in which it would not be a farce
to talk about an “American Dream”

in other words:
will it ever really mean something
to call this land