Opening the Window

i want to open my window
to the winds of the world
and feel deeply
the sacred turbulence
caressing my face
as it touches me
touching it

i want to embrace the deep connection
we have to the beyond -
the fathomless expanse
starting at our doorstep

i want the winds to infuse me
with boundless relationship
as it funnels through the depths
of being -
echoes and images
that become the tapestry
we wrap ourselves in
and call our home

i want this silent prayer
to be my everyday communion
in tribute
to the eternal motion -
the restless change
perpetually working
in the dynamics of creating

as the grace of the many
mixes in morphic resonance -
uniting disparate qualities
into the intention
of a form
that matters to us
as it shapes itself
into the co-existence
that we are

i want to have a sense of worship
in recognition of every thing
as it passes through my senses
and hear the infinite gratitude
they gently whisper
as the wind
whistles in my ear