Rear-view Mirror

he’s the choir
across the street
i’d like to preach to
the one
who doesn’t share my passions
who doesn’t share my views

we have much in common
i greet him every morning
we share the path
that defines a border
between our properties
the border that divides us
and unites us
in a geometry
of mutual separation

our words echo passed each other
in a language
of communal deception
the poetry of our conversation
has no rhythm
and has no rhyme

the forced smile
of our compatibility
paves over the cracks
in our attempts
to approach each other

the shortest distance
between us
is not a line
but a convoluted
twisted spiral
into a dance
of blind avoidance

and as we drive off
in pursuit of our own crowd
we see each other
and ourselves
in the rear-view mirror