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That Together Are

the tree lets go its notion
we conceive it
giving birth
grasping it
making it ours
and defining what we are
in our conception of its being

the tree lets go of its image
swaying in the breeze
sending us messages from the wind

the wind carries the clouds
that rain down on the soil
that carries us to the tree
where the flowers growing
we pick the berries
and nourish our contemplation
shaded by the grace
of limbs extended in our vision
expanding our grasp beyond our boundaries
in continual re-sighting
and sensing of the churning

where birds fly
bees hum
squirrels scamper and squeal
and coyotes howl
bringing themselves back to us
swimming upstream
where they are in our grasping
our loving conceiving and consumption

of their erotic birthing

letting us be
in this dance of the entities
that together are