The Border

how thick is the border
between you and me?
between my country and yours?
is it an 1/8 of an inch?
is it a millimeter?
how thin can we make it?

over there
you are you
and over here
i am i
forever separated by a border
infinitely thin
and not really there
but we make it there
you and i

you, the other
and me?
well, i am proud to be
whatever i am
even if i have to wait
for my leaders to tell me
what i’m supposed to be
how proud i am
to be what i am

and you?
you may be a friend
you may be a foe
i’ll have to wait until i know
and it changes with the winds
the winds we cannot control
the winds that separate us
and are not really there

you create yours
and i create mine
and neither one of us
has anything to do with it