Words - Too Many Words

there are too many words
too many damn words
all tied up in knots
too many knots to ever untangle
words of anger and anguish
all trying to be bigger than the other
loud and obnoxious
screaming to be heard
the verbal factory working overtime
oozing out soft, wet, bland noodles
lying on the pallet
to rot
or maybe just get old
and break

they play games with each other
it’s usually boring
and nobody ever wins
they sound important
so many important words
without meaning
all lined up in rows
waiting to be counted
and swept under the rug

they choose partners
and dance with each other
until one of them
steps on the other’s toes
and that hurts, you know
they cut each other up
and dissect the hell out of themselves
as if
somehow – that
would make them whole

too many words
to ever be forgotten
none of them
will ever make a difference
it takes too few
to kill a lover
and there will never be enough
to stop a war

and when they quietly miss a step
and stumble in their embarrassment
trickling madly down a waterfall
of regret
it’s a sad day
and they hang their heads in sorrow
nobody can win
the rules are broken

you know
it’s the voice
in the end
that makes the difference

as if words could ever soothe

they only whisper and groan
to try and make up
for what they are not