What Else, Really?

(A Tribute to Julia Vinograd)

what’s the meaning of existence?
well, that’s quite easy
the world exists
so that we can see the light
remember now
you cannot look directly into the sun
we all want to see the light
that’s quite natural
what else, really?
but we can only see the light
obscured by something else
things are there to get in its way
to slow it down
make it palatable to us

to bounce it off a fluttering leaf
or bend it around a cloud
to break it into ripples on the water
or siphon it thru droplets
on bare winter branches
to let it wear itself out
in the labyrinth of being
to capture its essence
in the spectacle of life

there, now wasn’t that easy?
you don’t have to hassle over things
it’s all … right there
just look at it
let it sink into your bones
let it soothe your anguish
like Julia said:
“Life is so beautiful
it’s worth a little inconvenience”*

putting up with things
is the least you can do
and the most you can do
things give you beauty
things give you light
what else, really?

and, Julia, yes …
you do know things

*from Julia Vinograd’s poem: Terrorist Alert (in Skull & Crosswords, Zeitgeist Press 2005)