Political Exposés

All of the writings listed here offer strategies and proposals for a radical approach to environmental issues. They are in some ways interrelated and can be viewed as an integrated whole. Or they can be viewed separately as ideas that could stand on their own merit. See the Introduction for further comments that apply to the entire set. Many of the items listed are not yet completed and ready to be made public. All of them will continue to be works in the making and subject to change and revision. This is part of the adantage of web-based publishing, as opposed to books and journals. Nothing is fixed in stone (or even in ink). Ideas can evolve naturally and in response to feedback without obsoleting previous efforts.


Some general comments that apply to all of the political exposés listed below. (Not ready yet.)

The Bill of Natural Rights

A draft of natural rights based on fundamental and irrevocable human needs. They will serve as the legal/constitutional foundation for all political policy making and establish the primacy of the right to an uncontaminated natural environment. They will take precedence over all other human rights.

Self-contradictory Volitions

An essay about the nature of human will as it relates to the question of political persuasion with respect to environmental issues.

Waging Peace

A proposal for a peace plan. This suggests the need to take the effort of striving for peace, which must include a peace with nature and our environment as well, as seriously as war has been taken traditionally. It is an appeal to direct all of our efforts into an integrated and intense effort to avert both the tragedy of violent conflict in the world and the global destruction of the environment.

Minimal Footprint Ecotecture

A radical design concept for the future "ecotectural" interface and relationship between human culture and wilderness. A strategy for giving us a place in the wilderness and letting wilderness thrive together with human culture.

Small Political Steps to an Eco-future

Some semi-random ideas for small, semi-immediate political steps to move us toward the broader vision of an eco-future. (Not ready yet.)

The Ecopolitan

This is an attempt to capture many of the ideas presented in the other essays above in the form of a novel. I am hoping that this presentation form will make it easier for people to imagine what it could look like to live in a car-free world and one that has transcended the pitfalls of capitalistic slavery. It is basically a utopian vision. In beginning to write it, I have noticed how enjoyable and therapeutic it is as an escape from the horrors of our current political and environmental reality. I am posting chapters here as I write them, in order to give people access to them to review and give me feedback on. I will post more as I have them completed.

I don't expect the novel ever to be heralded as great literary event. I am more concerned with the content. It's only supposed to be a slightly more pleasant and (hopefully) inspiring way of delivering my ideas. Here are some phoney endorsements I made up just for fun:

“David’s vision of the future is utterly spell-bounding. I want to be there now.”
-- Jane Swansong, author of Utopian Visions, Yesterday and Today

“If David’s version of utopia is not the future, then we probably don’t have one.”
-- John Summerback, author of Three Ways to the Future

“The most detailed model of an ecotectural future I have yet encountered.”
-- Bob Figerou, editor of Ecotectural Digest